Vexed Generation

What is Vexed Generation? Vexed Generation is a refunded urban clothing company from 1993 until the early 2000’s. The company was founded by Adam Thorpe and Joe Hunter. Vexed Generation offered practical and extremely stylish clothing that also  represents personal safety, street protest and CCTV Surveillance. Location: Vexed Generation 3 Berwick Street, United Kingdom Go … More Vexed Generation

HST Creative

   This Week We Had As Guest Speaker Called Hilary Tailor Who Started A Company Called HST Creative Which Was Founded In 2004 By Both Herself And Her Husband Satish Tailor. They’re Company Is A London Based Agency What Specialises In Product Design, Trend And Colour Direction & Brand Strategy.  These Are Some Of The … More HST Creative

Introduction To Intellectual Property 

   This Week We Learnt About Intellectual Property (IP) Which Is An Untouchable Properly That Produces Creativity Which Includes Patents And Copyrights Etc.  Today We Focused On Copyright, Patents, Trademarks & Industrial Designs What Is Copyright? Copyright is A Legal Term Which Gives The Exclusive Right To Make Copies, License Or Exploit Types Of Work … More Introduction To Intellectual Property 

Textile Fibres

 Today Lecture We Learnt About Fabric Types, Fibre Content, Fibre Properties, Fabric Care & Fabric Selection. We Looked At Child’s Jumper & Were Asked To Guess What Material It Was Without Looking At The Label. (Joe Taped It Up So We Couldn’t Cheat 😒) And Then Guess What It Was To The Class. We Then … More Textile Fibres


Who am I? I am Yolanda Rene Neva Walker and I am 19 years of age living in London/Surrey What I’ve done in the past? I have always been a creative person who loved art and fashion and I have been doing that for most of my life. I studied Art & Design, Fashion Illustration, … More Biography


After having a lecture from a guest speaker who is a specialist cv advisor who was giving us tips on having a great CV. So I decided to Re Vamp my CV Check It Out! YolandaRenee ❤