Design Museum – Woman Fashion Power Exhibition


What is The Design Museum?

Design Museum is a Museum that shows Industrial, Graphical, Fashion, Architectural  & Product Designs. The Design Museum was founded in 1989 by the River Thames in London.

I went there to view the Woman Fashion Power Exhibition as part of my Employability Course.

What is The Woman’s Fashion Power Exhibition?lady gaga 17.jpg

Woman Fashion Power is all about showing how Powerful, Independent Women (e.g. Princesses, Models, CEO’s, Dames & Designers) have used fashion to define and enhance their position and make their mark in this world. The focused on Women from different Cultures, Fashion, Business & Politics.

The exhibition shows females from different Industries such as Coco Chanel to Princess Diana & Lady Gaga who used Fashion to express who they are, to show a stamp of approval, to be considered, to form an excellent reputation and to have authority.



What did I Think About This Exhibition?

As a Young Lady who is growing into a woman in the fashion industry, it was good to see this exhibition as it gives me some insight to how i can build a good brand for myself using the important tools those powerful women used in the past and in the present. I also learnt how certain fashion choices can impact the world and major events.

YolandaRenee ❤


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