Disobedient Objects


What is the Purpose for The Disobedient Object Exhibition?

This Exhibition was used to show how objects were used to examine movements of social change from the 1970’s to Today with new Technology, Political Change & Rebellion. This Exhibition to me is very unique as they are the first to show such powerful roles within the Museum.

Disobedient-Title-page_NirvanaWhat was Interesting about The Disobedient Object Exhibition?

I honestly was not interested to going to see this Exhibition as i heard the word “Objects” and automatically thought of old accient items, but then i saw a lid with a huge amount of covered dishes that were from kitchens in Argentina. They smashed the dishes to create a effect. the dishes represent violence and Loud Political Difficulty. I found that quite interesting due to the fact that it was a unique way to show what it represents.

bookblocades-slider-640x426I learnt that book Bloc ‘The Happy Prince & Other Stories’ was created by Oscar Wilde who was a bisexual writer.

I also looked at the book blocs and saw a bloc from Penguin Books brand which I remember reading those books from primary school days. I learnt how students created book covers for the book blocs to protect themselves from abuse to the covers from the police. The students didn’t like how these books were being treated as they believed these book blocs were historical & philosophical texts.

Did I Enjoy The Disobedient Objects Exhibition?

it was much better than I expected. They did have some interesting things but some of my predictions were right. but on a whole it was very informative and Useful.

YolandaRenee ❤


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