Textile Fibres

 Today Lecture We Learnt About Fabric Types, Fibre Content, Fibre Properties, Fabric Care & Fabric Selection. We Looked At Child’s Jumper & Were Asked To Guess What Material It Was Without Looking At The Label. (Joe Taped It Up So We Couldn’t Cheat 😒) And Then Guess What It Was To The Class. We Then Had A Little Presentation On The Fabrics And Looked At Fabric Samples To See How It Feels And Looks. 

From The Presentation I Learnt The difference between Natural & Synthetic Fibres. I Learnt How Much Is Used and which fibres can be Used together. I also learnt the stages of how fibres are made

The Stages of How Fibres Are Made:

Spinning: Fibres are Spun Into Yarns 

Knitting or Weaving: Yarns Turn Into Fabrics

Finishing: Fabrics Are Turned To Either Natural Or Synthetic. 

Natural Fibres

Natural Fibres Are Created From Either Animals, Plants Or Minerals. They Are Usually Used To Create Cotton (From The Cotton Plant), Linen (From The Flax Plant), Wool ( From Sheep) & Silk (From Silkworms) 

Synthetic Fibres

Synthetic Fibres Are Man Made From Chemical Sources. They Usually Create Viscose (From Pine Trees Or Petrochemicals Or Acrylic) And Nylon & Polyester  (From Oil & Coal) 


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