Introduction To Intellectual Property 


This Week We Learnt About Intellectual Property (IP) Which Is An Untouchable Properly That Produces Creativity Which Includes Patents And Copyrights Etc. 

Today We Focused On Copyright, Patents, Trademarks & Industrial Designs

What Is Copyright?

Copyright is A Legal Term Which Gives The Exclusive Right To Make Copies, License Or Exploit Types Of Work From Books, Films, Advert, Music Etc. 

Copyright Taught Me How Important It Is Protect Any Work, Ideas Or Designs That’s Been a Made With Copyright So It Is Legally Belongs To You And It Can’t Be Stolen. 

What Is Patents? 

Patents Are Rights That Are Granted Specifically By Government To An Investor To Create, Use Or Sell An Invention For A Certain Amount Of Years. 

What Is A Trademark? 

A Trademark Is A Word, Symbol, Logo, Emblem, Sign, Stamp Etc That Is Legally Registered Or Established Which Represents A Company Or Product. 

What Is Industrial Designs?

Industrial Designs Is A Materials That Could Be Or Could Not Associated With Lines, Colour, Patterns Etc Is A Industrial Design As It Gives Special Appearance To A Product Of Industry Or Handicraft. 

As A Fashion Marketing Student, I Found This Lecture Very Interesting And I Learnt A Lot About Intellectual Property. Everything I Learnt will be benifical Now and in the future. 


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